Humans have used different kinds of media since the earliest days of man.  From paintings on cave wall to papyrus scrolls to smart phones, men have always felt a need to leave a recorded message of their thoughts and actions.  These sounds and images are more than just passing entertainment. They are intended to invoke emotions and to aid in the remembrance of momentary experiences.  Modern corporations understand this and carefully safeguard their company logos.  In fact, God utilized the same thing within the Law of Moses when he laid down the directions for the types of coverings and colors when constructing the tabernacle as well as the High Priest’s clothing.  These were selected by God, not only to be symbolic, but to cause certain cognitive and emotional responses from the Hebrews.  Today, media is even more powerful and can be instrumental in the teaching and preaching of the Gospel.  Electronic media, such as recorded sermons, also provide an excellent way for hearers to “take the message along with them.”  Media can reinforce important ideas and allow the user to delve deeper into a topic through reoccurring reflection and introspection.   Please click on the links above to explore the lessons, sermons, and different media that we are glad to share.