Summer Series
Presented at New Antioch of Christ Produced by Heritage Christian University
The Ten Commandments were indeed part of the Law of Moses, but they go deeper than that.  Properly understood, they reveal a picture of the kind of person that God finds pleasing.  They also begin to define what it means to have a relationship with God.  And, though we no longer worship by the Old Testament practices, the Ten Commandments still have a profound meaning for Christians of all ages.  Videos below are part of the Berean Study Series produced by Heritage Christian University.  They are the sole property of Heritage Christian University and are freely distributed to congregation for local use.  These were presented at New Antioch Church of Christ as part of our annual Summer Series.  Please take the opportunity to play and learn about the blessing found in God’s Word.



Introducing the Ten Commandments: Dr. Ed Gallagher


The Christian and the Old Testament Law: Nathan Daily 


I am the Lord you God: Dr. Jeremy Barrier
No Other Gods Before Me: Dr. Kirk Brothers


No Idols: Arvy Dupuy


The Name of the Lord: Dr. Bill Bagents


Remember the Sabbath: Wayne Kilpatrick
Honoring Parents: Philip Goad
Thou Shalt Not Murder: Brad McKinnon
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery: Dr. Michael Jackson


Thou Shalt Not Steal: Matt Heupel


Against Lying: Travis Harmon


Against Coveting: Justin Guin