Programs & Activites

New Antioch is very fortunate and blessed to be able to support those serving God in missionary work. In the past few years we have combined with other congregations to help spread and establish the Gospel in Ghana as well as other areas of the world, such as India and Russia.
In a world where the youth is constantly bombarded with every type of immorality, it becomes even more imperative that there are activities and programs designed to help answer their needs. We actively participate in the county-wide youth devotionals. We also take part in the Christian Youth Conference held each winter in Gatlinburg. 
With many of our youth growing up and heading off to college, we feel that it is imperative to support those who would try to provide a sound and upright influence on university campuses. It is with this regard that we happily support the Christian Student Center at the University of North Alabama.
In the past, New Antioch has hosted seminars intended to support our community. Topics have included Financial Peace and Marriage Enrichment. We are continuing to explore other events aimed at benefiting those who live in our area.
Again this Fall, members of New Antioch participate in a “Warm Coat Drive” to help provide necessary coats and clothing for those in need.  Look at our calendar for dates associated with this event.
New Antioch is very blessed to be able to assist with providing worship services at National Healthcare in Moulton.  We do this on each 5th Sunday of a month at 2:00 PM in the dining area of the facilities.
Each Summer we suspend our regular Wednesday Evening Bible Study to host a “Summer Series” of expert speakers on a chosen theme.  Our Summer Series usually starts the 1st Wednesday in June and continues for 10 weeks with a different speaker each week.  Please look for future announcements concerning themes and speakers.


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