Concerning COVID-19 Coronavirus-Updated as of 7/3/2021

As of June, 2021 our services and activities are as back to normal as possible.  We have still not re-instituted First Sunday Fellowship Meals but, other than that, everything else has resumed as it was pre-COVID.  Please be aware that we continue to monitor the rate of COVID cases and are making every effort to provide activities and resources for Spiritual growth while also maintaining a safe environment.  Face masks are optional but are provided if anyone feels safer by wearing one.  Hand sanitizer is available as well as in-house streaming of the services in areas other than the auditorium. We have tried to provide social distancing space for those who feel more comfortable.  Below is a copy of the policy presented to the congregation May, 2021 concerning activities, guidelines, and precautions. 


The Elders have decided to resume the second worship service on Sundays effective the first Sunday in June.  This will mean that we will have Bible class at 9:30 and worship at 10:30. Afterward, there will be a break allowing those in attendance to move about and take care of any needs.  We will then begin the second service at approximately 12:00.  It is our concern to not only protect the health and safety of our members but, more importantly, provide the resources and means that promote spiritual growth..  All efforts will be made to sanitize classrooms and keep everyone safe. Please understand that this is not a causal decision made by the Eldership.  

We understand that events in the near future may have a bearing on this decision and, if so, we will adapt accordingly.  It is not our intention to try to force anyone into a situation where they do not feel safe.  We do not wish to put anyone at a greater risk.  We continue to ask anyone who is sick, has been recently exposed to COVID, or who is genuinely afraid of becoming sick (those taking proper health precautions) to stay at home.  We will continue to broadcast services over Facebook.  We remain in an uncertain and ever-changing situation. We ask for your prayers as we make decisions for our congregation. 

We will continue to offer communion preparation supplies for those who feel safer worshipping at home.  We will continue to stream all worship and adult Bible classes online through Facebook.  However, is our belief that an individual will have a more meaningful experience when attending Bible Class and worship in person.  This not only provides teaching and preaching but, just as important, it provides interaction with other Christians, encouragement, and a more significant worship experience.  We do understand the need to take precautions.  Our alternative methods of worship have been a blessing as we have coped with the pandemic.  Now, though, unless we have extreme health issues, it is time to worship together in person.
It is our expectation that members make every effort to participate, either in person or online.  The scriptural commands and examples in the Bible concerning worship and spiritual growth do not include “time out” due to a pandemic.  Remember the examples of the early Christians who continued to worship despite the treat of imprisonment, torture, and death.  We should be no less inclined because of a virus, especially since we do have a safe way of worshipping at home.
As always, we encourage everyone to pray for the safety and future of our country and our congregation.