Concerning COVID-19 Coronavirus-Update as of 1/3/2021

The Elders have decided to resume Sunday morning Bible classes effective Jan. 17, 2021.  We understand that circumstances may necessitate a re-evualtion of the decision due to unknown and continued effects of the COVID virus.  We also understand that this may require some unforeseen adjustment in our routines.  We are making every effort to provide activities and resources for Spiritual growth while also maintaining a safe environment.   


The Elders have decided to resume Sunday morning Bible classes beginning Jan. 17.  This will mean that we will have Bible class at 9:30 and worship at 10:30. This decision was made out of a recognized need to provide Bible classes for everyone, especially our children.  We do understand that there is a continued concern about the health and safety of everyone.  All efforts will be made to sanitize classrooms and keep everyone safe. 


This is not a casual decision by the Eldership.  Most congregations around us have resumed Bible classes.  We are responsible, not only for the physical health of the congregation as it meets, but more importantly for the spiritual health of all members. 


We understand that events in the near future may have a bearing on this decision and, if so, we will adapt accordingly.  It is not our intention to try to force anyone into a situation where they do not feel safe.  We do not wish to put anyone at a greater risk.  We continue to ask anyone who is sick, has been recently posed to COVID, or who is genuinely afraid of becoming sick (those taking proper health precautions) to stay at home.  We will continue to broadcast services over Facebook.  We remain in an uncertain and ever-changing situation. We ask for your prayers as we try to do what is best for our congregation. 


For the children’s classes…parents need to continue the Apologetics Press lessons at home.  On the 17th, the children will pick up with lesson 7 in the year 1 Old Testament 1 material.  Parents who have not picked up the material need to contact Diane. 


Availability of classes will be contingent on having teachers to fill those classes.  It is important that those wishing to teach sign up as soon as possible.  Children’s worship will continue.  Elementary children’s worship will blend back together when classes resume.


The Adult Bible class will resume in the auditorium and continue with the lessons on Esther, Ezra, and Nehemiah that have been posted on Facebook.  This series began the first of December and will continue during the Winter quarter.  If you have not been following these lessons online, you may want to go back and review them before the 17th.  We will broadcast the adult Bible class for those who must remain at home. 


We know that we may be forced to change these plans in the future, and we will use all means at our disposal to try to keep the congregation informed.  We do thank you for your support and we look forward to resuming our normal routine on Sunday morning. 
Communion supplies will continue to be available at the building for those who need to continue woshipping from home.  The communion supplies are in the annex.